Sidewalk Sweepers

World’s only Electric Sidewalk Litter Sweeper!

Sidewalk Sweepers

A new concept of cleaning

The Tenax MaxWind street sweeper is a new concept product, able to change forever the way of sweeping of sidewalks, pedestrian areas, parking lots and any small or medium areas, both external and internal.

Indispensable tool

Tenax MaxWind is, by definition, an efficient sweeper. Thanks to its mechanic suction and filtering system, it’s able to sweep, at high speed, heavy and light waste of small and large size, as well as being inimitable on any type of turf.

Furthermore Tenax MaxWind is the only sidewalk sweeper which is able to sweep large amounts of dust, in the presence or absence of water, ensuring a total filtration of fine PM10 dust, available in polyester and in HEPA certified material too.

It’s incredible suction and sweeping ability, its agility and its extraordinary quietness make the Tenax MaxWind unbeatable in cleaning city centres, pedestrian areas, cycle lanes, parks and public gardens. Tenax MaxWind is the first sweeper that proposes a cleaning solution for both private and public companies as well as cleaning contractors engaged in the sweeping of outdoor areas of supermarkets, shopping malls, hospitals and airports. Furthermore the small sizes of Tenax MaxWind makes sweeping small and difficult to access areas easy and confortable, also for small and medium industrial and logistical areas, both for indoor and outdoor spaces.

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In Evidence


  • 1 – Front brushes protected by mechanical fuse.
  • 2 – Dust control system with 15 Lt tank.
  • 3 – High efficiency suction hose.
  • 4 – PM10 dust filter, easy to clean and maintain. Availabe also in polyester and HEPA certified material.
  • 5 – High visibility flashing lights, available as homologated LED.
  • 6 – Detachable charriot for operator.
  • 7  Waste container with 110 Lt standard plastic bag, easy to remove.
  • 8  Rearview mirror.
  • 9 – Rear LED lights, available both on the machine and the charriot.
  • 10 – On board ramps for high steps and boardwallks.
  • 11 – Practical side broom carrier.
  • 12 – Expandable water tank up to 37 Lt.

Technical specifications

Width central brush: Cm 70
Width with two side brushes: Cm 125
Performance efficiency: Mq/h 5.000
Hopper capacity: Lt 110
Collection with a bag: Simple to change
Dust surface filter: Mq 4
Suction hose Mt: mt. 3
Water tank capacity for brushes: Lt 15 (37 optional)
Fuel engine: Hp Honda GX160 5,5
Fuel consumption: Lt/h 1,4
Hydrostatic traction: Front wheel drive
Motor (suction: brush): W 750
Battery: Elettric start 12v
Battery type 1: 24V- 240A/H traction battery
Battery type 2: 4x 6V- 200A/H
Maximum speed: Km/h 6,5
Work climbing ability: % 20
Dimensions and Weight:
Lenght: Cm 186
Width: Cm 125
Height: Cm 99
Weight: Kg 260
Operation dimension: Cm 232
Charriot for operator: Standard
Filter for pm/10 Mq: 4