• Electra 2.0 evos vs Electra 2.0 neo

    Tenax’s brand-new second-generation 100% electric road sweeper, Electra 2.0 evos, can be used 24 hours a day and represents the perfect balance between energy efficiency, load capacity and sweeping performance. ​

    What’s new compared to the Electra 2.0 neo?

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    1. Greater efficiency thanks to sweeping with adjustable, independent brushes​

      Electra 2.0 evos’s innovative sweeping system allows for a combined “Turn & Follow” system which is also independent, totally electric and even more powerful, providing a significant increase in sweeping width.

      Indeed, thanks to the innovative sweeping system composed of independent brushes, these can be moved individually or together in order to reach all refuse and improve the sweeping efficiency and effectiveness.​

      Electra 2.0 neo sweeping width: 1,900 mm

      Electra 2.0 evos sweeping width: 1,900 - 2,270 mm

      The new sweeping system, combined with the enhanced suction system, allow unmatched sweeping performance to be achieved.

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    3. Greater productivity thanks to enhanced suction

      Electra 2.0 evos’s innovative enhanced suction system, featuring a larger suction mouth and pipe, combined with the action of a more powerful suction turbine, offers 20% greater performance than Electra 2.0 neo in general, and exceptional suction specifically. The new sweeping system, combined with the enhanced suction system, allow unmatched sweeping performance to be achieved.

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    5. Greater visibility and comfort, thanks to the new cab

      Electra 2.0 evos has been designed to maximise operator comfort. Thanks to the innovative front headlights, which despite being significantly smaller than on the previous version are even more powerful, the operator indeed enjoys greater visibility of the working area in complete safety.

      The brand-new doors, with panoramic opening window, leave the maximum possible room for the glass by minimising the frame; made of an extremely tough, next-generation material, this offers the operator greater driving comfort thanks also to greater visibility of the side peripheral area of the machine.

      Finally, the brand-new climate control system offers greater temperature control, 25% improved performance, greater efficiency and an almost imperceptible noise level.

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    7. Greater efficiency thanks to greater speed

      Electra 2.0 evos has been designed to best meet the requirements of the most demanding customers. For this reason, it can be equipped on request with an innovative transfer speed enhancement system. This entirely electric system allows the speed to be increased by 30% compared to the standard version, and is available as an option.

      Thanks to the speed enhancement system, Electra 2.0 evos is the ideal sweeper for all applications requiring longer transfers to be carried out.

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    9. Greater charging flexibility thanks to the new on-board battery charger

      Electra 2.0 evos, in addition to a range of external battery chargers which can be adapted to any customer electrical specifications and charging time requirements, also offers the ability to charge from automotive level-2 (AC) charging stations.

      With the application of the new on-board battery charger, Electra 2.0 evos can also be charged from 230/400 V socket outlets.

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    11. Greater accessibility and ease of maintenance thanks to the tilting cab

      Electra 2.0 evos, like any vehicle designed as electric from the ground up, offers unparalleled ease of maintenance, which from today is even further improved thanks to the electric tilting function of the cab, allowing fast, easy access to the whole electrical system.

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    13. Technologically cutting edge with next-generation inverters and plcs

      Electra 2.0 evos improves upon the neo’s performance on all fronts, with the introduction of a range of important technological advancements which allow it to maintain market leadership in the electric road sweepers segment.

      The use of new next-generation Inverters and PLCs makes Electra 2.0 evos faster, more powerful and more efficient, and it definitively retains its place as the best electric road sweeper in the world.