Maxwind hydro

MaxWind hydro

Electric pavement washer

Maxwind hydro is the first 100% electrically powered and operated pavement washer in the world with zero CO2 emissions.

Balanced and ergonomic, it is the perfect solution for cleaning and washing pavements, pedestrianised areas, car parks and any small or medium-sized areas, both indoors and outdoors. Safe, easy to handle and efficient, MaxWind hydro offers runtime of up to ten hours and improves the lives of both operatives and residents.

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    The secret of our 100% electric success

    • The secret of our road sweepers and street washers is true 100% electric technology. As a matter of fact, all our machines have been designed to be completely electric, and thus offer greater energy efficiency due essentially to the lack of hydraulic circuits and a very low overall mass.
    • Tenax International 100% Electric
    • Tenax International places a strong focus on operator safety: indeed, the very low voltage used does not represent a risk to the health and safety of the users and operatives who come into contact with this equipment on a daily basis.
    • Tenax International's environmental focus is not limited to CO2 emissions, but also extends to reducing noise pollution. Our whisper-quiet 100% electric machines mean reduced noise pollution for greater comfort and tranquillity of residents, and can also be used for street cleaning during night-time hours.
    • Tenax International has a strong environmental focus: indeed, by eliminating hydraulic circuits, we are able to remove the risk of hydraulic oil spills which are not only damaging to the environment and hazardous to residents, but involve significant clean-up costs for the municipality in question.
    • Tenax International is synonymous above all with 100% electric reliability. Thanks to over 20 years’ experience in the electric road sweeping sector, with over 700 electric road sweepers sold in 42 countries over 5 continents, we are able to guarantee the highest levels of performance for our vehicles at all latitudes, with custom solutions to meet each and every customer’s requirements. This is why Tenax International is now a partner of some of the largest European public and private bodies, trusted by major cities such as Paris, Brussels, Bergamo, Naples, Taipei, Melbourne, Barcelona, Bilbao and many others.

    Key features

    • Permitted capacity: 210 kg

    • Washing width: 900 mm

    • Adjustable wash pump, 50 -100 bar

    • Adjustable washing bar and washing lance with interchangeable nozzles

    • LiFePO4, AGM or lead-acid 24 Volt batteries

    • Maximum speed: 8 km/h

    • Water tank capacity: 2 x 105 L

    • Disinfectant tank: 5 L

    • Runtime: 8 -10 hours

    • Maximum gradient: 20%

      Technical specifications

      • Steering

        Tenax MaxWind hydro has two fixed front wheels which provide excellent directional stability and peerless weight distribution, allowing the pavement washer to work on any floor type. At the same time, the large, swivelling and damped rear wheels make the steering light and agile, ensuring greater safety.

      • Batteries and runtime

        Maxwind hydro can be equipped with different types of 24 Volt low voltage battery packs designed specifically for the device. The possibility to use different types of batteries (LiFePO4, AGM and lead acid) allows the machine to be adapted to the specific working requirements and budget of each customer. Depending on the battery type chosen, runtime ranges from eight to ten hours, and is therefore able to cover an entire work shift. The tried and tested technology used minimises the environmental footprint and offers high levels of recyclability, as well as high levels of safety thanks to the low voltage.

      • Charging

        Maxwind hydro can be equipped with on-board 220 Volt single-phase battery chargers or external ones with different voltages, power ratings and charging times to fully meet customer requirements.

      • Washing

        The electric pavement washer MaxWind hydro is equipped with a 50-100 bar adjustable-pressure washing system to fully adapt to high-, medium- and low-pressure washing requirements. Washing operations are carried out by an AISI 304 stainless-steel orientable washing bar positioned on the front part of the vehicle. MaxWind hydro is also equipped with a washing lance with 12 m automatic hose reel to allow for thorough washing and sanitisation of less accessible areas and street furniture. The jet from the lance can also be adapted at any time thanks to the rotating nozzle and fan nozzle which are easily interchangeable and adjustable. During the work phase, the self-balancing nature of each component adapts to any road surface to ensure perfect operation at all times.

      • Water tank

        MaxWind hydro is equipped with two clean water tanks with a total capacity of 210 l, offering maximum runtime. Filling is completely safe and simple thanks to two large openings which allow for internal inspection, and the standard equipment filters. The 5 l disinfectant tank allows the machine to be used whenever sanitisation operations are required. The water pressure to be used in each specific washing phase can also be adjusted on the control panel display.

      • Comfortable and safe operation

        The MaxWind hydro pavement washer is equipped with an ergonomic and intuitive control panel which provides a high level of comfort and a unique driving experience to the operator through its adjustable speed control as well as the independent rear suspension. It can be used in ride-on or walk-behind mode, as required. The ergonomic deluxe seat allows the operator to use the device either while seated or standing, providing complete comfort and safety both during the working phase and during transfers. The machine offers perfect visibility of both the working area and surroundings. Moreover, the enhanced lighting of the sweeping area provides maximum visibility during night-time operation or in poor visibility in order to protect the operator.

      • Connectivity

        Fleet monitoring and digitisation can facilitate the work of both owners and operators. Tenax International offers targeted services and support, with constant monitoring to minimise downtime and operating costs. The goal is to guarantee use of the sweepers at an optimum level by eliminating all operating inefficiencies.

      • Reduced dimensions

        MaxWind hydro's extremely compact external dimensions allow it to be used on any indoor or outdoor surface, and make it extremely convenient and agile in urban and pedestrianised locations

      Available Options

      • Side grabber and broom kit

        For greater operator convenience, Maxwind hydro can be equipped where required with an ergonomic side grabber and broom kit fixed to the side of the machine, for convenient collection of refuse from the ground.

      • Ramps

        Using MaxWind hydro in pedestrianised areas and on pavements may require the installation of ramps on the side of the device to allow the operator to handle any level changes with ease.

      • Operator Chariot

        For an even higher level of driver comfort, MaxWind hydro can be equipped with a two-wheeled ride-behind chariot with deluxe seat.

      • Supplementary LED lights

        For greater visibility of the work area, MaxWind hydro can be equipped with supplementary LED lights on the inlet and brushes to allow use even in limited visibility.

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