SmartWind street sweeper, one of a kind, is the first 100% electric street and sidewalk sweeper with high dump. Equipped with an innovative "steer by wire" motion system, controlled by a joystick which makes it safe and handy, it is the ideal solution for small and medium size, indoor and outdoor cleaning. Ecological and versatile, it is the only ride-on sweeper that improves the citizen's and operator's quality of life, allowing CO2 emissions to be completely eliminated and a 40% reduction in noise emissions.
  • 100% electric

  • €3 average charging cost

  • 8-10 hours of autonomy

  • Easy maintenance, thanks to self-diagnostics and the possibility of remote monitoring

  • Improvement of urban environment

  • Improvement of the operator's and citizen's quality of life

  • Intuitive

  • No risk of hydraulic oil leaking

  • Plug & Play

  • Rechargeable everywhere

  • Recyclable up to 92%

  • Reduction of over 30% of sound emissions

  • Reduction of Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), which allows a quick amortization of the investment

  • Reliable and powerful

  • Save over 70% on maintenance costs

  • Save over 90% on fuel costs (diesel or petrol)

  • Easy to use and comfortable to drive

  • Zero Co2 emissions to reduce global pollution


side brushes
main brushes


    • Length 192 cm
      Width 103 cm
      Height 200 cm
      Steering range 150 cm
    • Empty weight 600 kg
    • 1.2 kW electric traction with electric gear with asynchronous motor
      Lead acid battery 320 Ah
      AGM battery 320 Ah
    • Electric brake on electric motor
    • Front 5.00-10” 515x139
      Rear 300-4” 252x82
    • On rear pivoting wheels
    • Hopper capacity 220 l
      Waste collection with plastic bag
    • PM10 dust suction Filter Surface 4 m2
      2 nozzles on front side brushes
      Water tank capacity for side brushes 50l
    • Maximum speed 10 km/h
      Work climbing ability 25 %
      Hourly efficiency 10,000 m2/h
      Suction hose 3 m – 120 mm D.
      Central brush sweeping width 70 cm
      Sweeping width with 2 side brushes 137 cm


    Polyester PM10 filter
    Certified HEPA filter
    Protection rollbar
    On-board ramps for sidewalks
    Side scraper system with rotating steel brush
    Panoramic cabin
    On-board battery charger
    Professional broom and grabber kit
    Rear-view mirror
    Additional 22l water tank
    Gel/Acid Batteries
    Chargers for Gel/Acid Batteries

    Standard equipment

    “Steer by Wire” traction system, controlled by an ergonomic joystick, on the right arm-rest
    High efficiency suction hose, length 2,500 mm and 120 mm diameter.
    1,500 mm high dumping system, with 220 l waste hopper
    Side front brushes with shockproof system
    Central control LCD monitor with double channel for rear view camera.
    Dust control system with 50 l water tank
    Front high visibility flashing LED lights