Cleanair 5.0 is the compact and efficient street sweeper provided with a powerful suction system. Harmonious and ergonomic, thanks to its extraordinary performances, compact dimensions and the high manoeuvrability is agile and quick in city traffic and in more demanding working situations. Safe and smart, Cleanair 5.0 is the machine that, thanks to the combined action of the front sweeping unit and the powerful suction system, works with precision and agility combining its collection system with a top level loading capacity.


    • Iveco 4-cylinder turbo - power 93 kW (126,5 hp) STEP 3A
      Iveco 4-cylinder turbo diesel intercooler - power 118 kW (160
      hp) Euro 5 EEV
      Iveco 4-cylinder - power 118 kW (160 hp) Euro 6
    • Linde hydrostatic electro-hydraulic automotive drive with
      electronic control
    • Front disc brakes, rear drum brakes – hydraulic servo-assisted
    • Electro-hydraulic power steering - turning circle mm 4.890
    • Mass flow 14.000 m3/hour - stainless steel AISI 304 suction
      mouth with automatic device for collecting large waste
    • Lenght mm 4.600
      Lenght with third brush mm 5.400
      Width mm 1.830
      Height mm 2.600
      Wheelbase mm 2.200
    • Unloaded weight kg 5.200
      Load capacity kg 5.800
      Total weight kg 11.000
    • Fuel tank capacity 135 lt
      Water tank capacity 750 lt
    • Made of AISI 304 stainless steel
      Capacity 5 m3
      Right hand side dumping
      Dumping height 1.700 mm
    • Sweeping width mm 2.400 - 3.200
      Sweeping speed km/h 0 - 20
      Running speed km/h 0 - 40


    Double drive with dual control
    Third fron brush (as alternative to the fron hydraulic bar)
    Suction hose on rotating arm
    LCD monitor with colour camera for rear and nozzle view
    Centralized greasing system
    High pressure cleaning unit also with rotating arm or hose reel (15 Lt/min -150 bar pump)
    Rear washing bar with 15Lt/min -150 bar pump

    Standard equipment

    Euro 5 or Euro 6 engines available
    5 m3 waste hopper made of AISI 304 stailess steel
    700-730 Lt water tank for dust control
    Excess water drain service
    Heated mirrors
    Air conditioning system
    Heating system
    1.700 mm right and side high dumping
    Easy mainteinance