Tenax International guarantees a complete assistance thanks to specialized always available technicians, having in mind as the priority our dealers and our customers’ needs. Thanks to a highly experienced network of accurately selected dealers is assured complete local support for a fast problems resolution and a continous and specialized repair and maintenance.

Tenax International has a woeldwide network of consolidaded dealers composed of sweeping market expert companies provider with highly qualified staff trained in our training centers. Our distribution and assistance network has stationary and mobile workshops, demo machines and supplied warehouses of maintenance and repair spareparts.

Tenax Service System

Tenax Service System identifies our approach and our continuous endeavor in improving our planning, management and delivery processes of high performance service, ensuring reliability and trust to our customers, leaving them to focus on their business. This consolidate the long-term relationship we have established.
With this method we are always ready to act at any time, to make every information about the encountered issues available in order to solve them immediately and ensure an excellent quality Service.

Spare parts

We use only high quality spare parts to keeping high the quality and the efficiency of your sweeper. For this reason, our spare parts are genuine Tenax spare parts. This not only to keep your value over time, since it’s the best solution, but also ensures the best delivery time, minimizing machines downtime and ensuring maximum safety during operations.
Please contact the closest Tenax International Service Point for further information about spare parts.


  • The spare parts, designed to fit perfectly to your sweeper, minimize replacement costs and service.
  • Original parts reduces the risk of unplanned downtime for your business.
  • The use of original spare parts ensures the validity of the guarantee on the sweeper and increases the resale value.


  • Original parts prevent dangerous issues to your sweeper.
  • Original parts are exhaustively tested to ensure operational safety.
  • The use of original spare parts ensures the right piece for each sweeper.

Discover the 12 values of Tenax Service System:

  • Reactivity
    We know that when our customers’ activity is still, Reactivity comes at first place. This means making them operational again in a quick and efficient way.
  • Exact Match
    We aim to respond to the needs of our customers precisely. The right people, the right skills, the right parts and the right contracts.
  • Accreditation
    Through accreditation, we ensure that our assistance activities are in line with the Tenax International standards.
  • Kaizen
    Trusting in our philosophy of continuous improvement, a principle of the TIPS system (Tenax International Production System), our customers can be assured that we are always working to improve the quality of our assistance.
  • Real-time information
    Our technicians have online access to all information required for the intervention. In this way our customers can always count on efficient, high quality service with minimal downtime.
  • Jidoka
    Jidoka means to make problems visible. We take seriously all the problems of our customers and we solve them as quickly and safely as possible.
  • Standardization
    Wherever you are, you can rely on our high standard of service and accurate timing guarantees.
  • Genchi Genbutsu
    Genchi Genbutsu means “go and see”, so that we can clearly understand the situation in the real context and solve every problem.
  • Waste Elimination
    We are always careful to eliminate waste and minimize our impact on the environment.
  • Heijunka
    The Heijunka levels the workload and creates a smooth workflow. That’s why plan and schedule each visit is our priority.
  • Poka Yoke
    The Poka Yoke is designed to avoid the mistakes in a mechanism or process. Constantly improving the quality of spare parts and checking them before shipment, we ensure delivery of the right spare part.
  • Hoshin
    Thanks to our commitment to the long-term strategic planning, you can be assured that your needs will be met not only tomorrow, but also in the years to come.