Urban and Metropolitan

The Tenax range of sweepers offer a complete solution for urban and metropolitan areas cleaning and maintenance. Electra 2.0, Electra 1.0 and MaxWind assure total cleaning with ZERO environmental impact, dustless and noiseless, in the city centre, pedestrian areas, parks and gardens and in all the other contexts not suitable for traditional bulky, noisy and polluting machines, also during the night hours. Performances, loading capacity and maneuverability at the top of their class made CleanAir 5.0 the most functional answer to sweeping needs in the urban environment, large metropolitan spaces where power and speed are essential requirments to ensure an efficient and profitable service.

Commercial and Turistic

Electra 1.0 and MaxWind are the most innovative high performance partner for the commercial and touristic areas sweeping management. The cleaning quality in wide outdoor areas like shopping centers, hospitals, parkings, pedestrian areas is raside by the all-electric Tenax sweepers range, with a significative reduction of sweeping time. Resorts, golf club, sport centres and touristic complex will be easily managed with the highest efficiency and with low costs.

Indoor and industrial

Tenax sweepers range answer in the most efficient way to industrial areas and logistic platform sweeping needs, both indoor and outdoor. Thanks to the Electra, CleanAir and MaxWind range great suction ability and loading capacity, the cleaning of warehouses, parkings and loading areas won’t be a problem anymore. Furthermore, the fully electric traction and sweeping that avoid any kind of emissions, made the Tenax sweepers the ideal tool for indoor work.