• Street Washers

    A complete range of 100% electric street washers​

    Compact, 100% electric street washers

    Tenax International offers a complete range of compact electric street washers for cleaning and sanitising both outdoor areas such as municipal, road and pedestrian applications, and for indoor environments.

    With high performance and protecting the environment our main priorities, Tenax International is the first and only leading manufacturer of low-voltage electrical machines in the sector.

    All Street Washers​

    Discover the true 100% Electric

    “The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it” - (R. Swan)

    We know that pollution is a problem which becomes more serious by the day, with devastating effects on the natural world and serious consequences for our quality of life – this is why we have chosen to take the first step by dedicating ourselves entirely to electric devices.​​

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