• 100% electric​

    The goal of Tenax International is to make the world more sustainable and livable for ourselves as well as for future generations. Tenax International’s zero-impact technology applied to 100% electric street sweepers and street washers completely eliminates pollutant emissions and drastically reduces them during the production process as well.

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    The secret to our exclusive 100% electric technology

    The only truly 100% electric product

    The secret to the market success of our Tenax 100% electric street sweepers and street washers is that all of our machines are exclusively electric by design; this is why they are lighter, more efficient and run only on modern engines and electric actuators, without any hydraulic circuits. The exclusive truly 100% electric technology of Tenax allows for extraordinary performance in terms of autonomy as well as energy efficiency.

    Tenax International 100% Electric


    What are the true benefits of 100% electric technology?

    Zero CO2 emissions

    Tenax International pays close attention to our environment. Indeed, thanks to its exclusive 100% electric technology, it is able to manufacture electric street sweepers and street washers that generate no CO2 emissions, which cause no risks for people’s health and which guarantee a better quality of life for all of our cities and everyone living in them.

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    Safe thanks to its exclusive low voltage technology (24/48 V)

    Tenax International pays close attention to the safety of the operators and maintenance technicians who use and maintain our 100% electric machines every day. This is why we have designed extremely low voltage (24/48 V) machines which cause no risks for the health and safety of users and protect them from harm.
    What are the benefits of low voltage?
    A product designed at a voltage below 50 Volts guarantees not only more safety for the operator using the vehicle every day, but also greater safety during maintenance and assistance work, which may be performed even by individuals who do not have special diplomas or electrical certifications.

    Quiet, thanks to the absence of hydraulic circuits

    Tenax International focuses on its environmental impact not only in terms of reducing CO2 emissions, but also in terms of reducing noise pollution. This is why all Tenax International products reduce noise pollution by more than 40%, thus guaranteeing a better quality of life in our cities and a better night’s sleep for residents.

    Efficient and ecological without hydraulic circuits

    Tenax International pays attention to the environment. Indeed, by eliminating hydraulic circuits, it is possible to eliminate the risk of hydraulic oil leaks, which harm the environment and are hazardous to residents, aside from entailing significant environmental reclamation costs for municipalities.

    100% electric reliability

    Tenax International is especially synonymous with 100% electric reliability. Indeed, thanks to its more than two decades in the electric street sweeping sector and the more than 700 electric street sweepers it has sold in 42 countries across 5 continents, it is capable of guaranteeing the top-notch performance of its vehicles at every latitude and tailor-made solutions to meet every customer need. This is why Tenax International is currently a partner of major European public and private entities and is trusted by large cities like Paris, Brussels, Bergamo, Naples, Taipei, Melbourne, Barcelona, Bilbao and many more.

    Competitive, even in pricing

    Tenax International is attentive to the price point of its products. This is why it is the first company in the world to offer 100% electric street sweepers and street washers at competitive prices which allow for a rapid return on investment. Indeed, using a Tenax 100% electric street sweeper or street washer cuts fuel and maintenance costs by more than 80% compared to an equivalent endothermic machine, thus allowing for an even faster economic return.

    Easy and affordable to maintain

    Maintenance on Tenax International’s 100% electric products is affordable and easy. Indeed, with a Tenax 100% electric street sweeper or street washer, the maintenance cost per year is slashed by 80% compared to an equivalent endothermic product. Thanks to the absence of hydraulic systems, which are costly to maintain, it is possible to achieve extraordinary savings on maintenance and avoid all risks of hazardous oil leaks, which harm our environment and are especially dangerous for the safety of roads and individuals.

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