100% TENAX

Every day pollution becomes a more serious problem and it is shared by the whole world population, with devastating effects on the nature surrounding us and dangerous consequences on the quality of our lives. This awareness has inspired the innovative spirit of Tenax International for over 15 years, aiming at the idea of designing, projecting and manufacturing environmentally friendly technical solutions applied on 100% electric street cleaning machines.


Tenax International embodies the “e” philosophy in every aspect and stage of its business. Thanks to its 35 years of experience in street sweeping, Tenax seeks to exploit the best technologies to offer its customers a full range of effective, zero-impact solutions. By 2003, it had already created the first pioneer model of the electric street sweeper in the world.


To reduce its footprint, Tenax International produces without polluting, thanks to its 50 kW photovoltaic plant. Its strategic position within Motor Valley, the heart of the automotive industry in Italy, enables it to get the best locally sourced components in the world.

E as in EQUAL

All processes within Tenax International are optimized according to the principles of Lean manufacturing and continually improved according to the Kaizen strategy in order to also offer those working with the company the best work experience possible, in compliance with ISO 9001 and 14001 quality certifications. Tenax products achieve maximum eco-sustainability even at the end of their lifecycle, and allow up to 90% of their components to be recycled.


The final goal of “e” philosophy, embraced entirely by Tenax, is to make the world more sustainable and liveable for us and future generations.
Compared to a traditional, engine-powered sweeper, which is capable of generating over 81,571 lb of CO2 per year, Tenax’s zero-impact technology completely eliminates pollutant emissions and dramatically reduces them even during the production process.

For a more beautiful, cleaner, and safer world


The barely heard issue of environmental impact in public administration has become of great interest today since the publication of the European Directive 2004/18/EC on March 31, 2004.
Thanks to the media community’s efforts to raise awareness and encouraged by the Green Public Procurement application, Tenax International anticipated and is now concretely researching the application and development of environmentally friendly technologies, to become the undoubted leader worldwide. Fully electric Tenax sweepers are already working on zero emissions in the most important cities in the world, and progressively replacing pollutant, expensive, engine-powered vehicles, thus improving our quality of life and urban environment.


The choices and behaviours in the “e” philosophy enable Tenax to offer concrete and effective, zero-impact cleaning solutions, which not only improve the quality of life of users and citizens, but also respect the basic needs of our public and private customers in terms of efficiency and economy.