• Electra 2.0 evos vs Electra 2.0 neo

    The new Tenax Electra 2.0 evos second generation 100% electric street sweeper can be used 24 hours a day, striking the perfect balance between energy efficiency, load capacity and sweeping performance. ​

    How is it different from the Electra 2.0 neo?

      Spazzatrice stradale elettrica Electra 1.0
    1. More effective thanks to adjustable, independent brushes​

      The innovative Electra 2.0 evos sweeping system provides a combined “Turn & Follow” and independent system that is completely electric and even more powerful, making it possible to significantly broaden the sweeping area.

      Indeed, thanks to the innovative sweeping system consisting of independent brushes, it is possible to move one or both brushes individually, to reach all waste and improve sweeping efficiency and impact.​

      Electra 2.0 neo sweeping width: 1,900 mm

      Electra 2.0 evos sweeping width: 1,900 - 2,270 mm

      The new sweeping system, combined with an enhanced vacuum system, makes it possible to achieve unprecedented sweeping performance.

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    3. Greater productivity thanks to enhanced suction

      The innovative enhanced Electra 2.0 evos vacuum system equipped with a larger suction nozzle and tube, combined with a stronger suction turbine, offers 20% better performance than the Electra 2.0 neo as well as excellent vacuum efficiency. The enhanced vacuum system combined with the new sweeping system makes it possible to achieve unprecedented sweeping performance.

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    5. Greater visibility and comfort, thanks to the new cab

      Electra 2.0 evos was designed to provide superior operator comfort. Indeed, thanks to its innovative headlights, significantly reduced in size and even more powerful than the previous version, the operator has better visibility of the work area in complete safety.

      The new side doors, with panoramic operable windows, feature larger glass surface areas and reduced framing, designed in latest generation, highly resistant material, to offer the operator improved driving comfort, also thanks to increased visibility of peripheral areas next to the machine.

      Lastly, the new air conditioning system offers greater temperature control, 25% better performance, lower consumption and an almost undetectable noise level.

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    7. Greater efficiency thanks to higher speed

      Electra 2.0 evos was designed to best meet the needs of the most demanding customers; therefore, it may be equipped on request with an innovative travel speed enhancement system. This entirely electric system increases the speed by 30% compared to the standard version, and is available on request.

      The speed enhancement system makes Electra 2.0 evos the ideal street sweeper for all applications that require travel to more distant locations.

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    9. Greater charging flexibility thanks to the new on-board battery charger

      Aside from the entire range of external battery chargers, adaptable to any type of electrical characteristics of our customers and recharge times, Electra 2.0 evos can also be recharged using Automotive alternating current recharging stations.

      With the application of the new on-board battery charger, Electra 2.0 evos will also make it possible to recharge using 220 and 380 V electrical outlets, by means of an easy-to-use transformer.

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    11. Better accessibility and ease of maintenance thanks to the tilting cab

      Like any vehicle designed and created to be electric, Electra 2.0 evos features incomparably easy maintenance, which is now even easier thanks to the electric cab tilt system, which provides easy and quick access to the entire electrical system.

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    13. Technologically advanced thanks to new inverters and latest generation plcs

      Electra 2.0 evos features improved performance over the neo in all regards, by also introducing a series of important technological advancements which allow it to maintain its market leadership in the electric street sweepers segment.

      The use of new inverters and latest generation PLCs provides Electra 2.0 evos with even more power, more speed and more efficiency, in order to definitively remain the best electric street sweeper in the world.