Electra 2.0 hydro

Electra 2.0 hydro

Compact electric street washer

Electra 2.0 hydro is the first and only zero CO2 emission compact street washer in the world which is 100% run and operated by 48 Volt electricity.

Harmonious and ergonomic, thanks to its extraordinary performance, silence and very small size, it guarantees up to 10 hours of autonomy and is the ideal electric urban street washer for high pressure washing and sanitation of historical city centers, pedestrian zones, bike lanes and in general small and medium sized areas, both indoors and outdoors. Safe and smart, this machine improves the quality of life of residents and operators alike.

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    The secret to our 100% electric success

    • The secret of our street sweepers and street washers is the true 100% electric. Indeed, all of our machines have been designed to be only electric, so we can boast of greater energy efficiency due essentially to the absence of hydraulic circuits and a very limited total volume.
    • Tenax International 100% Electric
    • Tenax International pays close attention to operator safety. Indeed, thanks to extremely low voltage, which causes no risks for user health and safety, it protects the safety of people and operators who use and enter into contact with these vehicles every day.
    • Tenax International focuses on its environmental impact not only in terms of reducing CO2 emissions, but also in terms of reducing noise pollution. Thanks to its silent 100% electric machines, noise pollution is reduced for the improved comfort of residents, making it possible to perform urban cleaning at night.
    • Tenax International pays attention to the environment. Indeed, by eliminating hydraulic circuits, it is possible to eliminate the risk of hydraulic oil leaks, which harm the environment and are hazardous to residents, aside from entailing significant environmental reclamation costs for municipalities.
    • Tenax International is especially synonymous with 100% electric reliability. Indeed, thanks to its more than two decades in the electric street sweeping sector and the more than 700 electric street sweepers it has sold in 42 countries across 5 continents, it is capable of guaranteeing the top-notch performance of its vehicles at every latitude and tailor-made solutions to meet every customer need. This is why Tenax International is currently a partner of major European public and private entities and is trusted by large cities like Paris, Brussels, Bergamo, Naples, Taipei, Melbourne, Barcelona, Bilbao and many more.

    Key features

    • Four wheel electric steering during the work phase

    • Load capacity: 1,65 T

    • Washing width: 58,26 – 94,48 INCH

    • 48 Volt LiFe PO4 Lithium, AGM or Lead Acid Batteries

    • Maximum speed: 15,5 MPH

    • 409,4 – 528,3 GAL water tank

    • 13,2 GAL – 507,63 PSI or 5,5 GAL – 870,22 PSI washing pump

    • 7 - 9 nozzle washing rig & 360° rotating arm with 39,4 INCH flexible hose

    • Work autonomy: 9 - 10 hours

    • Climbing ability: 35%

      Technical specifications

      • Steering

        The carefully tested and safe electric steering provides exceptional agility and maneuverability, as well as easy steering and increased safety, which along with optimal directional stability, allow the driver to concentrate completely on sweeping with no distractions and without being concerned about maneuvering the vehicle. Thanks to the four wheel steering system, allowing for high maneuverability, Electra 2.0 hydro is capable of efficiently cleaning any surface, from the narrowest alleyways to the widest open spaces.

      • Batteries and runtime

        Electra 2.0 hydro is equipped with various types of 48 Volt low-voltage battery packs specifically designed for use on this vehicle. The option of using different types of batteries (LiFe P04 Lithium, AGM and lead acid) makes it possible to fully adapt to the specific working and budget requirements of every customer. Depending on the type of battery used, the guaranteed autonomy runs from 9 to 10 hours, so it is capable of covering an entire shift. Our carefully tested technology ensures a minimal ecological footprint and high recyclability as well as the utmost safety due to the low voltage used.

      • Charging and recovery

        Electra 2.0 hydro can be equipped with a large variety of external three phase and single phase chargers with different types of powers and voltages and different charging times, to fully meet customer requirements. It may also be equipped with an on-board battery charger, so the batteries can be recharged at any public vehicle charging station. Furthermore, Electra 2.0 Hydro is equipped with a system for energy recovery while decelerating and braking, which further boosts the machine’s work autonomy.

      • Washing

        The Electra 2.0 hydro electric street washer is equipped with a high pressure washing system with a 13,2 GAL – 507,63 PSI or 5,5 GAL – 870,22 PSI pump. The washing is performed by an AISI 304 stainless steel washing rig positioned on the front part of the machine. Thanks to the multiple types of optional extendable electric washing rigs, it is possible to achieve superior washing performance, increasing the washing width up by 94,48 INCH. The Electra 2.0 Hydro street washer also has a washing sprayer connected to a 360° rotating arm which allows for thorough washing and sanitation of less accessible areas as well as street furniture. The street washer ensures top-notch performance during the work phase by adapting to any type of street surface thanks to the self-balancing capabilities of every component.

      • Water tank

        Electra 2.0 hydro is equipped with a clean water tank with a capacity of 409,4 GAL, allowing for the utmost work autonomy. The main wear-resistant tank is made of AISI 304 stainless steel and is linked to a secondary fiberglass tank. Thanks to two large openings on top of the tanks which allow for internal inspection, and the UNI G45 standard filling hose, they can be easily filled and maintained. The secondary tank also has a ball valve for easy emptying. Water levels can be monitored at all times from the in-cab display.

      • Driving comfort and safety

        The ergonomic, watertight aluminum and soundproof cab of the Electra 2.0 hydro street washer guarantees the utmost operator comfort and a unique driving experience, also thanks to shock-absorbing suspensions on all four wheels. Equipped with two anatomic adjustable cushioned seats, it allows operators to work in complete safety and comfort with minimal vibrations. The ergonomic and intuitive control display equipped with a user-friendly interface is highly easy to use, allowing operators to concentrate on their work with no distractions. Thanks to the LAMINATED GLASS, anti-glare panoramic windshield and side doors made entirely of glass, visibility is excellent. However, optional supplementary video cameras can provide even broader visibility of the surrounding area. Safety is ensured within the cab thanks to the Bluetooth radio and seat belts, and outside with enhanced lighting of the washing area, providing the maximum visibility even at night or in low visibility conditions.

      • Connectivity

        Fleet monitoring and digitalization through Tenax Link facilitates the daily work of both owners and operators. Tenax Link offers targeted support and services, with constant monitoring intended to reduce downtime and operating costs to a minimum. The objective is to guarantee optimal sweeper use by eliminating all usage inefficiencies.

      • Small size

        Its extremely compact and reduced exterior size and limited total volume enable Electra 2.0 hydro to be used on any type of indoor and outdoor surface and make it extremely comfortable and agile in urban environments.

      Available options

      • Folding front washing rig

        For a wider washing width, and more flexible performance, Electra 2.0 hydro can include a manually foldable washing rig, which makes it possible to adjust the washing width at any time as required.

      • Extendable front washing rig

        For a wider washing width, and more flexible performance, Electra 2.0 Hydro can include an extendable washing rig, which makes it possible to comfortably adjust the washing width at any time as required with an ergonomic control located inside the cab.

      • Spray guard

        For city and pedestrian areas, Electra 2.0 hydro can have a natural rubber protector installed which guards passers-by and windows from the sprays of water produced while washing.

      • Larger washing arm

        For improved cleaning of areas that are inaccessible to a vehicle, Electra 2.0 hydro has a larger washing arm with 360° rotation and a flexible 70,8 INCH hose, which makes it possible to reach even the most peripheral and hard-to-reach places with the washing sprayer.

      • Additional video cameras

        To facilitate visibility of the work area, Electra 2.0 hydro can include an additional video camera positioned on the front part of the cab for more complete monitoring of the area in front of the machine.

      • Automatic hose retractor

        To clean more peripheral areas, Electra 2.0 hydro has a 39,3 INCH flexible retractable hose, which allows the operator to easily reach all areas around the machine with the high pressure washing sprayer.

      • High pressure sprayer with spray guard

        For deep cleaning of all surfaces, both indoors and outdoors, Electra 2.0 hydro has a high pressure washing sprayer with spray guard equipped with rotating high pressure nozzles that guarantee top-notch performance.

      • Disinfectant dosing system

        The Venturi disinfectant dosing system and 3,9 GAL tank makes it possible to combine the street washing performed by the Electra 2.0 hydro with sanitation and disinfection, with complete safety for the operator.

      • Electric snow plow

        For snow removal, the Electra 2.0 hydro includes a 59 INCH electric plow installed on its front in place of the washing rig, with an ergonomic joystick in the cab.

      • Electric 125 L salt spreader

        For ice melting, the Electra 2.0 hydro features a 33 GAL electric salt spreader installed on the rear with ergonomic controls in the cab.

      • Pneumatic driver’s seat

        For more operator comfort while driving, Electra 2.0 hydro has a pneumatic driver’s seat, with a headrest that makes driving even more comfortable.

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