Electra 2.0 NEO is the first and only compact street sweeper in the world to be fully electrically powered. Sleek, ergonomic lines, extraordinary performance, silent running and compact size make it the ideal sweeper for cleaning city centres, pedestrian areas, cycleways and, in general, both small and medium sized, indoor and outdoor environments. Electra 2.0 neo is the safe, smart machine that improves the citizen's and operator's quality of life.
  • Reliable and powerful

  • Intuitive

  • 8-10 hours of autonomy

  • Rechargeable everywhere

  • Plug & Play

  • Recyclable up to 92%

  • 100% electric

  • Reduction of Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), which allows a quick amortization of the investment

  • Improvement of urban environment

  • Reduction of over 30% of sound emissions

  • Zero Co2 emissions to reduce global pollution

  • Save more than 70% of maintenance costs

  • Improvement the quality of life of both the operator and the citizen

  • $3 average charging cost

  • Ease of maintenance, thanks to self-diagnostics and the possibility of remote monitoring

  • No risk of leakage of hydraulic oil

  • Save more than 90% of fuel costs (diesel or gasoline)

  • Simplicity of use and driving comfort


brushes movements


    • Length inch 147.64
      Width inch 47.24
      Height inch 78.74
      Wheelbase inch 66.14
    • Empty weight lb 5,291.10
      Total weight lb 9,479.88
      Loading capacity lb 4,188.78
    • Empty weight lb 6,834.33
      Total weight lb 9,479.88
      Loading capacity lb 2,645.55
    • With electric motors on rear wheels
      Motors type: asynchronous alternate current
      Motors power: 9 kW on continuous duty
      Electronic control by inverter with regeneration during braking and torque control
    • AUTONOMY 8/10 hours
      Acid or lithium battery technology 48 V, 1000 Ah
    • Electric on 4 wheels
    • Foot brakes on 4-wheels.
      Front drum brakes
      Rear oil disc brakes
      Electro-mechanical parking brake on rear wheels
      Tyres 6.50 – 10”
    • Independent Hydraulic on 4 wheels
    • no. 2 spraying nozzles on brushes
      Spray nozzles on mouth and suction hose
      Water tank - capacity 105.67 gal
    • Stainless steel
      Capacity 528.34 gal
      High rear dumping
    • Speed 0-14.91 mph
      Sweeping width 74.80 inch


    High pressure washing system with rear gun (2.91 gal/min - 1,450.38 psi pump)
    Lithium/Gel/Acid Batteries
    LCD monitor with colour camera for rear and nozzle view
    Chargers for Lithium/Gel/Acid Batteries
    Centralized greasing system
    Rear parking sensors
    Radial tyres
    Adjustable pneumatic seat
    Suction hose
    Adjustable, fully electric, third brush

    Standard equipment

    Aluminum tilting cab
    Wide panoramic windows
    Fully accessible
    Perfectly soundproof
    Intuitive and programmable console with standard self-diagnosis
    Two-seater cabin
    "Always home" system to ensure you return even with low battery
    Speed control system
    Compact and handy
    2 and 4 steering wheels
    Double braking circuit on all four wheels
    Double Suspension System
    2 cubic metre stainless steel waste hopper
    High dump at 62.99 inch
    Easy to clean and inspect
    105.67 gal capacity water tank
    High performance suction fan
    Indirect suction with filtration system
    Increased suction push button
    Electric brushless AC motors capable of energy recovery of approximately 10%
    Manual and "turn and follow" automatic sweeping system
    LED headlights
    Stainless steel nozzle resting on pivoting wheels with pedal-controlled front flap
    Safe 48 V electrical system