MaxWind is the first and only sidewalk sweeper in the world to be fully electrically powered. With sleek, ergonomic lines, it is the ideal sweeper for cleaning pavements, pedestrian areas, car parks and every small or medium sized, indoor and outdoor environment. Safe, handy and efficient, MaxWind is the machine that improves life quality for citizens and operators.
  • Reliable and powerful

  • Intuitive

  • 8-10 hours of autonomy

  • Plug & Play

  • Recyclable up to 92%

  • 100% electric

  • Reduction of Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), which allows a quick amortization of the investment

  • Improvement of urban environment

  • Reduction of over 30% of sound emissions

  • Zero Co2 emissions to reduce global pollution

  • Simplicity of use and driving comfort

  • Save more than 70% of maintenance costs

  • Save more than 90% of fuel costs (diesel or gasoline)

  • $3 average charging cost

  • Ease of maintenance, thanks to self-diagnostics and the possibility of remote monitoring

  • Improvement the quality of life of both the operator and the citizen

  • No risk of leakage of hydraulic oil

  • Rechargeable everywhere


main brushes
side brushes


    • Length with and without chariot 73.23 inch - 110.24 inch
      Width 49.21 inch
      Height 38.98 inch
      Steering range (without operator) 91.34 inch
    • Empty weight electric version (EH) lb 573.20
      Empty weight gasoline version (SH) lb 617.29
    • 800 W electric traction with differential gearbox
      Hydrostatic traction front wheel drive on petrol version (SH)
    • AUTONOMY 6/8 hours
      Lead acid battery 240 Ah
      AGM battery 200 Ah
      Lithium battery 150 Ah
      Gasoline engine Honda Gx160 5.5 HP
    • Electric brake on electric motor
    • Front run-flat tyres d 14.96 x 3.31 inch 3.50-8
      8.86 x 2.76 inch rear run-flat tyres
    • Suspensions on pivoting wheels
    • Hopper capacity 29.06 gal
      Standard plastic bag waste collection
    • PM10 dust suction Filter Surface 43.06 ft2
      2 nozzles on front side brushes
      Water tank capacity for side brushes 3.96 gal (9.77 Optional)
    • Maximum speed 4.04 mph
      Work climbing ability 20 %
      Hourly efficiency 53,819.55 ft2/h
      Central Brush Sweeping width 27.56 inch
      Sweeping width with 2 side brushes 49.21 inch
      Suction hose 118.11 inch – 4.72 inch D.


    Lithium/Gel/Acid Batteries
    Rear lights and flashing lights
    Blowing kit
    Empowered suction engine for extra suction power
    Rear-view mirror
    Professional broom and grabber kit
    On-board battery charger
    Two-wheeled, removable chariot for the operator
    Side scraper system with rotating steel brush
    On-board ramps for sidewalks
    Certified HEPA filter
    Polyester PM10 filter
    Chargers for Lithium/Gel/Acid Batteries
    Additional 5.81 gal water tank

    Standard equipment

    Flap opening system for voluminous debris
    Detachable chariot for operator
    Integrated tool box
    High efficiency suction hose, 118.11 inch-long and 4.72 inch in diameter
    Waste hopper with 29.06 gal standard plastic bag, easy to remove
    Dust control system with 3.96 gal water tank
    Side front brushes with shockproof system
    Forward and reverse adjustable traction handle complete with speed control
    High visibility flashing lights, available also with homologated LED