• Urban and metropolitan​

    The Tenax range of sweepers offers a complete solution to clean and maintain urban and metropolitan areas. Electra 2.0, Electra 1.0 and MaxWind ensure cleaning with ZERO environmental impact. They are dustless and noiseless in city centres, pedestrian areas, parks and gardens and in all the other unsuitable contexts for traditional, bulky, noisy and polluting machines, even at night. Top class performance, loading capacity and manoeuvrability made CleanAir 5.0 the most functional answer to sweeping needs in the urban environment, large metropolitan spaces where power and speed are essential requirements to ensure an efficient, profitable service​

    Clean and well cared-for outdoor areas make the city more pleasant for residents and make a wonderful first impression on visitors. To achieve a high standard of cleansing means implementing numerous outdoor activities. Thanks to the Tenax sweeper range, you will get the advantages of specialized, ecological and very flexible machines.

    Strade e parcheggi

    Streets and car parks

    Clean streets, bike lanes and car parks make the city more appealing and liveable. Tenax sweeping machines offer a guaranteed solution to keep outdoor areas clean and enjoyable all year long. From waste and dirt suction to removal, from washing streets to cleaning alleyways, Tenax electric and endothermic sweepers are ready for the job, helped by a wide range of tailored accessories. Tenax sweepers can also help to remove weeds, and ensure streets, roads and pavements last longer. Furthermore, they are ready to help during winter maintenance and to maintain public safety.

    Cleaning of streets, sidewalks and squares

    Cleaning of streets, pavements and squares

    Urban streets, just like pavements, alleyways, squares and other pedestrian areas, must always be clean. Tenax street sweepers offer perfect, all-season results. When Tenax sweepers finish their job, they leave pedestrian areas impeccably clean. In spring, the operator can clean gravel and dirt left by the winter season. In summer, Tenax machines keep outdoor areas free from cans, paper or dust. In autumn, they take care of windswept leaves. High manoeuvrability and compact dimensions allow the operator to sweep easily around corners, pylons and street furniture. Tenax urban sweepers simplify everyday city maintenance, to keep them pleasant and presentable.

    Aree residenziali

    Residential Areas

    Outdoor areas are the public image of your residential community. For those who live there and for visitors, the external environment creates a lasting impression of their residential area. Visitors and potential residents feel comfortable in a tidy, well-kept environment. And for those already living there, neat and tidy outdoor spaces increase the feeling of security and raise the quality of life. A clean neighbourhood offers resident citizens a feeling of security and serenity. We all know how it feels to live in a run-down place. The weather also plays its part: in autumn, fallen leaves need to be collected quickly. With Tenax road sweepers you will have a real partner, capable of keeping outdoor areas maintained and safe throughout the year.

    Urban area benefits

    • Highly manoeuvrable machines
    • Small size, suitable for tight spaces
    • All-weather machines
    • Excellent performance, regardless of the task
    • A full range of high quality tailored accessories
    • Designed for easy, everyday maintenance
    • Easy-to-use, reliable machines
    • Flexibility after investment: if you need a change, you can always add a new accessory later
    • 20 – 30% noise level reduction (Electra range)
    • 100% emission reduction (Electra range)
    • 4,000 €/year maintenance costs reduction (Electra range)
    • No fuel cost – 15,000 €/year (Electra range)
    • No additives costs – 1,500 €/year (Electra range)
    Sweepers urban area application

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